Topanga Canyon, Before and Progress Photos by Lauren Bradshaw

The renovation at Topanga is well underway and it was so fun to see the progress this past weekend. Here's a look into the project. 

The home was in great condition when the clients purchased it, but it didn't suit their tastes. I took these photos before they closed on the house.

We had a month to make many of the final decisions on plumbing and layout, as construction began almost immediately after closing (which was two weeks after they hired me!). The major changes included removing the large stone wall from the family room, new kitchen cabinets, and new bathrooms. Exciting to see it taking shape! 

Topanga Canyon Farmhouse by Lauren Bradshaw

A few months ago, my current clients contacted me about a super exciting project: a major renovation on a 1960's ranch style home. The property sits in Topanga Canyon, which is a charming town tucked away in the mountains north of Los Angeles. The view on the way to the site is gorgeous: I drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and get a long look at the sparkling ocean, then head up into the desert mountains. It's an escape from the city while still being nearby.

We discussed their vision for the home and reviewed all their Pinterest and Houzz photos, and summarized their inspiration as a feminine take on modern farmhouse. They are dream clients because they have renovated a lot of homes; they're experienced, they have great contractors, and they prefer high quality materials. 

Here are a few of the mock-ups I created for them, incorporating a lot of their requests such as herringbone and cement tile. They wanted to use an X pattern on their cabinets and carry it throughout the home as a nod to the farmhouse look. It'll be visible in the kitchen, on a sliding barn door, and in the master bathroom. The clients own a high-end flooring company, so the home will have gorgeous European white oak planks throughout.

Design Beginnings by Lauren Bradshaw

A new blog is a new beginning, so I'm sharing the beginning of my story with design. It actually begins when I was little, watching my mom attend school to become an interior designer. I played around with her mat boards and fabric swatches and she taught me to sew. In middle school I spent all my free time using 3D Home Architect on the computer in our kitchen, drawing out floor plans. (Almost all my houses had secret rooms, because duh they're awesome, and also I was 11.) I didn't realize I'd have such a love for a career in interiors until after college, when I attended a summer intensive study at Parsons for Interior Design. 

The first big project I completed was our 1925 Crafstman bungalow in downtown Orlando, Florida in 2009. My husband and I had been married a few years, and I was completely hooked on design blogs. There were so few at the time, and my favorite was Door Sixteen. In the images you'll notice a couple of dark rooms which I grew to love by reading that blog.

Even though my tastes have evolved over the past seven years, I love revisiting photos of this house. We poured our hearts into it, started a family in it, and still drive by it every time we are in Orlando. 

Here are a few photos from when we sold the house, after extensive renovations. A brand new exterior, two new bathrooms, a new kitchen, with updated plumbing and electrical. Our house was even featured in Better Homes and Gardens' DIY Magazine.  


Here are some photos my husband took after we bought the house. Before we were done with closing, my parents had already begun to do yardwork. We were so thankful for the help in tackling this big project.