Nashville Co-Work Studio

New Client // Co-work Studio in Nashville by Lauren Bradshaw

A few months ago I began working with a super talented client who is creating a co-work space here in Nashville. The idea is to have an office for people involved in all types of media production, so this space will have recording studios as well as offices. There will also be a lounge for communal working, and a kitchen.

The client and I got together and discussed the vibe he wanted for the space, and I presented some options for direction. He was really into a Wes Anderson/Ace Hotel coziness, but with a good dose of Scandinavian added in there. He had already planned on plywood for flooring and desks, which was a perfect way to incorporate the more minimal Scandinavian look. He's also into taxidermy and animal imagery (think Natural History Museum), which I thought was a perfect nod to the South (hello, taxidermy at every estate sale I've been to in Nashville). 

We began with a palette I chose based on some of the inspiration images we both liked. The main colors will be black/white/plywood, and then natural colors like green/blush/yellow.

Lauren Bradshaw Design // Co-Work Studio Inspiration

We began designing the kitchen and bathrooms first, with an overall direction for the main lounge area. Here are a few of the images we loved for inspiration. I loved these particular images for the black and white combinations, with added warmth from the wood, and art on the walls. We wanted to lean very Scandinavian but still with that touch of Wes Anderson/Ace Hotel. 

Lauren Bradshaw Design // Co-Work Studio Inspiration

Here are some Before photos of the kitchen, lounge area, and two (very green) bathrooms.  

Kitchen // Lounge

And finally, here are some shots of the progress that's been made on the buildout. Even just this small snippet shows signs of life!  

Lauren Bradshaw Design // Co-Work Studio Progress

Inspiration photos, top (from left to right): DesignLoveFest, NeM Architects, Malplaquet House

Inspiration photos, bottom (from left to right): Stylizimo, Colombe Design, Läderfabriken