Zephyr Designer Retreat 2018 / by Joseph Bradshaw

Villon at the Proper SF // Photo by Manolo Llyera

Villon at the Proper SF // Photo by Manolo Llyera

I’m headed to San Francisco, one of my most favorite cities, to join the Zephyr Designer Retreat and stay at the amazing Proper Hotel. When Zephyr reached out with the invite, I was excited to tour their showroom and check out how all their products work. Fu-Tung Cheng has designed a new line for them, and I’m excited to hear him talk about the inspiration behind it all.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking appliances with clients lately so I can’t wait to check out this wine cooler, and this wall hood. Also fun is the ability to have ventilation above a kitchen island without having a range hood come down right in the middle of it! Below is the Zephyr Lux Island.

I’ll be posting photos from the tours so keep an eye out!

Zephyr Lux.jpg